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Only by self-improvement and self-reliance can we have our own career and beautiful family, dare to fight for our career ideals and actively overcome all kinds of difficulties. ——A champion speaks to the sisters
Text / Autobot Michael
In the 2019 Honda international skill competition, she won the title of "one gold and one copper". The woman champion who achieved the historic breakthrough of sealant project for GAC Honda is the leading role of this article today, Hu minting, the first-line employee of the third painting section of coating resin Department of Zengcheng factory of GAC Honda, and the quality inspector of sealant class.
Just after the Spring Festival of gengzi mouse, Hu minting, 31, has entered the 13th year when she came to Honda. With 13 years of front-line work experience and the self-reliance of striving for career and ideal, Hu minting, just after her first year in office, has become the technical backbone and business elite of the team.
In this special March, let's approach the female champion through Internet connection to learn how she works and lives in the spring of 2020, when the epidemic is raging.
Women, let's not talk about giving up
As the saying goes, women are not allowed to be men, which in fact lacks scientificity in terms of preconditions.
The same topic, similar things, men and women's entry point and solution are not the same, how can we talk about giving up? In Hu minting's view, men and women have their own advantages in work, but it's hard to be perfect: "in post work, compared with male colleagues, women will be more careful, more outgoing, with good coordination and communication skills and team spirit."
Although she said a word in her presentation, her better coordination and communication skills really gave her more opportunities to learn and improve. Subjectively, Hu minting has made a lot of amazing achievements in her work by using the characteristics of women's general meticulous and steadfast.
In the production process, 1.44 tons of cleaning solvent is needed to clean the sealant filter screen in the sealant process every year. Hu minting has been trying to improve the cleaning method and finally reduced the use of cleaning solvent by 80% and the annual consumption to 0.24 tons, effectively controlling the production cost and greatly reducing the use of hazardous chemicals.
In the same process of sealant coating, due to the high requirements of glue coating appearance, the manipulator is unable to spray glue, which requires manual operation and a large number of man hours. Hu minting once again showed her talent and independently developed a special sealant gun nozzle, which reduced the working time from 46s to 20s in one stroke, solving a big problem that bothered the team.
"As long as we women are meticulous and keep improving in our work, the sealant is even better than that of male employees." "As a front-line female employee, the common difficulty is that some manual male employees can do it, I may not," Hu said Physical work is indeed a weakness of women, but this does not affect Hu minting to become an excellent or even top sealant player.
It is generally believed that in the field of management and political life, women will have stronger adaptability and adaptability than men, which can be seen from the setting up of many high-level leading groups of enterprises and governments. However, in the industrial production line, women also have incomparable gender advantages in some aspects. Women and men do not have to give up. They should have helped each other.
Fight against the epidemic and deliver warmth to enterprises
In this special period, the inevitable topic is anti epidemic. Many people will worry about work safety before returning to work, but Hu minting is obviously not included in the list. She said: "after the outbreak, my family and I have never worried about the prospect of life and work and the safety after returning to work. The company and the labor union take the epidemic prevention and control as the most important work at present, orderly promote the resumption of work, and deploy relevant work, so as to relieve the worries of the majority of female employees. "
"Autobot" once described in detail the efforts made by GAC Honda in the plant area and office area, including the daily commuting area as an extension of the work area in an earlier special report. The comprehensive and detailed work is in order, which really makes the front-line employees have no concerns.
Besides novel coronavirus pneumonia, Honda has been prepared to take a lot of special measures to help Hu Minting, who is very moved by the work of the women's workers. "Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the women's labor union has actively implemented the care and protection of female workers, and has deployed related work: set up a rest room for female workers, issue temporary clothing storage boxes for female workers, and temporarily shut down in the company's dressing room. In addition, the locker is installed in the toilet to provide practical convenience for female employees. "
From her voice, we can feel a steadiness and peace. She continued: "the labor union also actively called on all departments and branches to carry out special care actions for female employees. Focusing on the health of female employees and their family members, it carefully prepared gift bags including electronic thermometer, sterilized alcohol, 75% alcohol wipes and hand cream to protect female employees from epidemic. "
GAC Honda has always been an enterprise with temperature, emotion and humanistic care, which is once again confirmed by the care for female employees during the outbreak.
Self improvement and self-reliance, undertaking career and caring for family
"As a front-line female employee, she is also a wife and a mother. She has to take care of her family as well as her career. Therefore, we have to pay more hardship for every score we get." Hu minting made no secret of her feelings about the two-sided life of female workers.
The traditional concept of male dominated and female dominated makes the new generation of female industrial workers, represented by Hu minting, bear a heavier burden than men. The pressure of being a wife and a mother tends to squeeze the originally inadequate working space. However, Hu minting did not find an excuse for this objective difficulty, but went up to meet the difficulty, took advantage of all opportunities to improve her work ability, and her achievements have shown everything. What's more, she didn't abandon her responsibilities in the family and take care of her family. Hu minting is an outstanding woman in the new era who has achieved outstanding results in both sides of the war.
What made her get such a result? Hu minting naturally has her own experience to share with other female workers in the industry. She said: "only when contemporary women are self-sufficient, can they have their own career and beautiful family. They are brave to fight for their career ideals and actively overcome various difficulties. Don't give up lightly and don't be afraid of challenges." The most valuable quality of female employees in the industry is that they do not seek help, rely on external forces, and tap their own advantages and potential, which is worth learning from.
Although her achievements have made a lot of sisters Tut, Hu minting still has a heroine who is recognized and trusted by her. She said to the Autobot: "I admire Ms. Huang Kang, vice chairman of Guangzhou Honda trade union and director of the women's working committee. She takes great care of the women workers and leads the trade union to hold various activities to improve the quality of the women workers every year to show the women employees of the company Based on the post entrepreneurship and innovation, the heroine style of building a successful career I believe that through the efforts of women compatriots, more and more heroines will emerge in China's automobile industry. "
Another year is women's day, but this year is different from previous years. The arrival of the epidemic has made many women in the workplace realize that compared with work, health is still the guarantee of everything. The postponement of returning to work and the postponement of school also enable more families to have a valuable time for all members to get together.
"In this special period of women's day, my most wanted holiday gift is my own and my family's health. I used to think that making money is the most important thing. Now I slowly find that health is the most important thing." Hu minting's holiday wish may also be one of the aspirations of the majority of Chinese female workers.
Happy women's day to all self-reliance women workers. I wish them a healthy and positive day in their work and family.
(text / Autobot Michael) [copyright notice] this article is the exclusive original manuscript of Autobot, and the copyright is owned by Autobot.

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