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Yunju Zhongshan, the future is promising - Nanjing Agricultural University invites you to join us

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Nanjing Agricultural University, located in the ancient capital of Zhongling Yuxiu and Huju Longpan, is a national key university directly under the Ministry of education with advantages and characteristics of agriculture and life science, coordinated development of agriculture, science, economics, management, engineering, literature and law, and is a national key construction University of "211 project", "985 advantage discipline innovation platform" and "double first-class" construction university. In the fourth round of the first level discipline evaluation by the Ministry of education, four disciplines, namely crop science, agricultural resources and environment, plant protection, and agricultural and forestry economic management, were awarded a +, ranking 11th in the national universities as a whole. Eight disciplines, including agricultural science, plant and animal science, environmental ecology, biology and biochemistry, engineering, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics, and chemistry, have entered the top 1% of ESI disciplines in the world, among which two disciplines, including agricultural science, plant and animal science, have entered the top 1 ‰, ranking among the top disciplines in the world. The number of major projects approved by the National Social Science Fund (18) ranks first among similar universities in China.
Nanjing Agricultural University ranks 9th in U.S.News "the best Agricultural Science University in the world". On April 22, 2020, the Second World University influence ranking of the times higher education (the) was announced. Nanjing Agricultural University, with its outstanding contribution to global agriculture and national food security, won the first place in the world in the single sustainable development goal sdg2 zero hunger ranking.
The school will hold the third "Zhongshan International Youth Scholars forum" in the form of cloud forum from May 28 to 29, 2020. We sincerely invite outstanding young scholars at home and abroad to participate!
Forum introduction
The "Zhongshan International Youth Scholars forum" aims to focus on the goal and task of the world-class university with agricultural characteristics, focusing on the national "double first-class" construction, and building a high-level academic exchange platform for outstanding young scholars at home and abroad. The forum has been successfully held for two times and has gradually become an important channel for schools to introduce high-level talents. Based on the special situation of new crown epidemic prevention and control, the third "Zhongshan International Youth Scholars forum" will be held as agreed in the form of cloud forum. We sincerely invite outstanding young scholars at home and abroad to experience and understand Nannong, and promote exchanges and cooperation around the academic frontier and subject hot spots. Forum discipline
Major fields: Major Agronomy (crop science, horticulture, agricultural resources and environment, plant protection, animal husbandry, veterinary science, aquatic science, Grass Science); science and Engineering (biology, ecology, environmental science and engineering, food science and engineering, landscape architecture, agricultural engineering, statistics, computer science and technology, chemistry); Humanities and Social Sciences (management, Economics) , finance, sociology, law, history, linguistics, etc.
Key interdisciplinary subjects: genomics and phenotypic omics, information agriculture and artificial intelligence, microbial plant pest interaction, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition and human health, bioinformatics and computational biology, pollution remediation ecology, chemosynthetic biology, regional and global ecological environment effect assessment, Digital Humanities Research, etc. Invitation scope
1. Thames University ranks the top 200 University doctoral graduates under the age of 35. 2. Postdoctoral of world famous universities or research institutes (institutes), under 40 years old.
3. It has the potential to be shortlisted as the outstanding young talents in the "four youth" evaluation stage.
Registration method
Please fill in the application form carefully and provide relevant supporting materials, and send the above materials to, and indicate the email subject "name + college to be contacted + young scholars forum". Before May 20, the school will send an official invitation letter to outstanding young scholars by email and inform them of the specific ways to participate in the forum. Forum arrangement
1. Time: May 28-29, 2020.
2. Form of holding: the forum is held in the form of "video main forum + video discipline sub forum" relying on the network platform. (1) The main forum is set up with the introduction of the school's talent introduction policy, special experts' academic report, exchange and interaction and other links, relying on the video conference platform for synchronous live broadcast. (2) Sub forums are set up in the form of College introduction, discipline promotion, academic exchange, online negotiation, etc. (3) Interested young scholars can sign a high-level talent intention agreement (offer) during the forum, and discuss the specific treatment and conditions in video. Talent treatment
1. For outstanding young scholars, the university directly hires them as professors, enters the national business establishment, provides competitive salary and treatment, provides 2-3 million yuan of research start-up funds (500000-800000 yuan for Humanities and Social Sciences), provides apartment houses in the University, and gives priority to guarantee the office, experimental conditions and graduate enrollment indicators according to the discipline direction and performance.
2. The university directly hires young scholars with outstanding performance as associate professors, enters the national business establishment, provides competitive salary treatment, provides 1 million yuan of research start-up funds (300000-500000 yuan for Humanities and Social Sciences), and provides rental subsidies.
3. Nanjing Agricultural University has "Zhongshan scholar plan", which is divided into four levels and six positions. According to the level and category, the candidates will enjoy the competitive talent allowance during the employment period.
4. The University actively recommends young scholars with outstanding performance to apply for national level talent projects and provincial and ministerial level talent projects such as Jiangsu distinguished professors, Jiangsu entrepreneurship and innovation program, Jiangsu blue and green project, etc., and the candidates will be given corresponding financial support.
5. The college provides research funds, office experiment conditions and other supporting measures for high-level talents according to the situation.
Other important notes
1. Nanjing Agricultural University recruits high-level talents at home and abroad all the year round. For famous universities and scientific research institutions with associate professors or above, who have been selected into national level talents or whose performance level is equivalent, the university implements a one-to-one policy. According to their performance, they can be directly included in the corresponding posts of "Zhongshan scholar plan", providing competitive salary, housing guarantee, research start-up funds and experimental and office conditions, ensuring graduate enrollment indicators, and equipped with scientific research Assistant to help build the team.
2. If you are unable to participate in this forum for some reason, you can also contact the staff of talent office or the college at any time.
3. The school recruits ordinary teachers and postdoctors all the year round. For ordinary teachers, the school provides competitive salaries, the establishment of national undertakings, scientific research start-up funds (100000 for Natural Sciences, 60000 for Humanities and Social Sciences), and provides corresponding rental subsidies. For postdoctoral teachers, the school provides an annual salary of no less than 180000 yuan / year, and cooperative tutors provide additional supporting support according to the target tasks. During the station, they can participate in the evaluation of promotion of Research Series titles, and enjoy the science and technology award policy of the school as well as teachers. Cloud recruitment schedule
May 20, 2020: general teaching and research post cloud recruitment interview may 2020: the third "Zhongshan International Youth Scholars forum" please scan the QR code below to download the application form: contact information
Mr. Liu, talent Office (Zhongshan International Youth Scholars forum, high level talent recruitment) + 86-25-84399039, 18652999049
Appointment of Mr. Zhong of management department (recruitment of ordinary teachers and postdoctoral teachers)
Contact email:
WeChat official account for talents: NJAU-RCB
Nanjing Agricultural University cloud recruitment
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May 28-29
The third "Zhongshan International Youth Scholars forum"
May 20, 2020
General teaching and scientific research post cloud recruitment interview

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