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  • Is silica gel conductive?

    Is silica gel conductive?
    Conductive silica gel is obtained by uniformly distributing conductive particles such as nickel-coated copper powder and silver powder in silica gel, and contacting the conductive particles by pressure to achieve good electrical conductivity. It is used both in military and commercial applications, its main role is sealing and electromagnetic shielding.
    The product can be molded or extruded and available in sheet or other die cut shapes with shielding performance up to 120 dB (10 GHz). Conductive silica gel has good electromagnetic sealing and water vapor sealing ability, and can provide good conductivity under a certain pressure (the suppression frequency reaches 40GHz).
    1. Power tube, stress relieving glue and cable plug for cold-shrinkable cable accessories and heat-shrinkable cable accessories;
    2. The bottom contact conductor such as keyboard and button;
    3. Photocopying machine roller shaft;
    4, wire connection tube;
    5. When the volume resistance of the conductive silica gel is less than 10 ohm cm, the conductive silica gel has an electromagnetic shielding function. That is, the volume resistance is below 10 ohm cm, which is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding. It is also used in electronic and microwave waveguide systems such as chassis, cabinet, square cabin, power transmission and transformation engineering, connector gaskets, etc.

    Conductive silica gel is basically the same as ordinary silica gel buttons and silicone products in the production process. It is required to prepare materials, form, print, spray, and detach the edges. The operation method and craftsmanship are also the same as those of silicone button products. However, there is one more process for conductive silicone, which is to add conductive materials, and these conductive materials may appear in some situations when molding or detaching, because the conductive silicone is more complicated than ordinary silicone products in the production process!


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