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  • Six major reasons for silicone button rupture

    Six major reasons for silicone button rupture
    The biggest quality requirement of the silicone button is that it does not break, and there will be a certain probability of rupture in daily applications. In addition, the silicone button is also called: silicone button, silicone button, silicone button, silicone rubber button. How to reduce the poor rate of silicone button to improve production efficiency?

    1. The temperature is too high during molding
    When the temperature of the silicone button is too high, it will become brittle. After the molding, the mold is released, and it is easy to be broken. It is only necessary to appropriately lower the molding temperature.

    2. Silicone button vulcanization is not complete
    When the mold temperature of the silicone button is too low or the vulcanization time is too short, the product will not be released from the mold, so it is easy to cause cracking, and the mold temperature can be appropriately increased or the vulcanization time can be extended.

    3. The surface of the silicone button molding die is too rough or accumulates dirt.
    A cavity having a rough surface or accumulating dirt is unfavorable for demolding, and a mold that is not easily demolded is easily broken, and the mold needs to be cleaned or plated;

    4. The operation method is not correct when demoulding
    Many mold masters have not undergone professional training or work at the time of demoulding. If they are not demoulded according to the strict work instructions, the silicone buttons will be broken. This requires professional operation skills training or strict operation for the operators. system.

    5. When the mold is pressed, the silicone button is not well-shaped.
    Lead to the product rupture during the mold process. At this time, it is necessary to spray a proper amount of release agent on the surface of the silicone button mold to continue production;

    6. The button silicone used is too bad.
    Some factories blindly reduce the cost of using inferior button silica gel raw materials, resulting in poor quality of the silicone button produced, the rubber is too poor, the toughness is not good, the memory is broken, very normal. To solve this problem, you need to replace the better button silicone.

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