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  • RTV silicone rubbr application in the automotive field

    RTV silicone rubbr application in the automotive field
    RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing), an abbreviation for room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, is a liquid silicone rubber widely used in bonding, fixing, sealing, potting, thermal conduction and coating in the fields of electronics, electrical, automotive and general industries. 

    1 Condensation curing type: The silicone rubber which is cured by contact with moisture in the air at room temperature, and has a one-component (1–P) and two-component (2-P). Depending on the structure of the cured by-products, the one-component RTV can be classified into the types of Oxime, Alkoxy, Acetone, and Acetoxy.

    2 Addition curing type: It is a silicone rubber which is cured by heating or room temperature and has a one-component (1–P) and two-component (2-P).

    Application field
    RTV is widely used in military, aerospace, electronics, electrical, solar, LED, flat panel display, switching power supply, home appliances, PCBA and other occasions.

    1. Trend: Safer and more comfortable
    New safety regulations
    More electronic control unit, sensor application
    LED light source New customer requirements
    Longer, more stable adhesion protection requirements
    More demanding applications New silicones
    Higher performance bonding and potting materials
    More excellent chemical resistance requirements

    2. Regulatory guidelines
    Restrictions on volatile organic emissions are becoming more stringent and new customer requirements
    Low viscosity, no solvent dilution required
    Fast curing new silicone products
    Ultra low viscosity silicone coating
    Low volatile silicone sealing adhesive


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