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Details Information

Methyl Low Hydrogen silicone oil IOTA 203

Structural formula:

Technical index:

Viscosity, 25℃, mm2/s:    50-120
Hydrogen content, %:     0.18/0.36/0.50/0.75
Density , 25℃, g/cm2:     0.98~1.10
Refractive index, 25℃:     1.390~1.410

Properties and Applications:
1. Low Hydrogen silicone oil t is odorless, has active group, can react with double bond and hydroxy group under the action of catalyst;
2. Low Hydrogen silicone oil is the basic material of foam levelling agent, defoamer, Water soluble silicone oil, pure bright ceramic antifouling agent products, and the crosslinking agent of addition silicone rubber.

Packing, storage and transportation:
1. Keep in cool, dry, ventilated and non-flammable place. Far away from fire, heat source. Storage temperature<30℃.
2. 200L plastic drum (Net W.T. 200KG/drum) sealed tightly, no mix with anti-oxidant, acid and edible chemical materials.
3. The lighting, ventilation facilities in In the storage room should adopt explosion-proof products. Load gently, Prevent packaging and container from damage.
4. Non-Hazardous chemicals.

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