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The 925th issue of Nanjing Agricultural University Newspaper: read the newspaper in the cloud to see what happened in the campus recently

2020-05-03 3897034

In this special period, campus work never stops. What are the major events in the school? Let's look at the latest issue of the school newspaper
Guide reading
Version 1:
The school holds the working conference on comprehensively and strictly governing the party in 2020
School leaders check campus safety and back to school work
Connecting Nannong and Majiang to promote targeted poverty alleviation
Picture news: experimental teaching under epidemic situation
Version 2:
Key points of Party and government work in the second semester of 2019-2020 academic year
Version 3:
Online teaching under epidemic situation
Version 4:
The youth commando of Nannong is flying in the front line of "epidemic", and the youth force is responsible
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Source: Gu Wenqing, Maoyan new media studio, editorial department of Nanjing Agricultural University Newspaper

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