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Details Information

Platinum Vulcanizing Agent for molding silicone products

Name: Platinum Vulcanizing Agent for molding silicone products

Model: IOTA-510 A/B



Fast vulcanizing

Long processing life

High performance

Simple processing

Odorless and tasteless


Typical properties


IOTA-510 A 

IOTA-510 B 


Yellowish transparent 

Milky white, semi-transparent

Mix ratio 





Silicone rubber products which compound with middle and low temperature plastics

Baby nipples and other top grade tablewares, etc.  



1.Method 1, divide silicone rubber into two parts after fully mixed. Mix component IOTA-510A and component IOTA-510B into two parts silicone rubber separately. Then fully mix both parts.

2.Method 2, fully mix the silicone rubber, mix IOTA-510B firstly, then IOTA-510A into the mixed silicone rubber. 

3.The temperature of material and machine should be below 45℃, or die material or short processing time will be caused.

4.Vulcanizing rubber should be used in 24 hours to avoid die material; or store in freezer for long processing time.


Package:Component A:1KG/tin;Component B: 5KG/tin;



1.Sealed storage. Avoid hot temperature and sunshine

2.In order to avoid cross-contamination. Please store separately from peroxide containing vulcanization


Safety precaution:

1.Wear personal protect equipment while processing. Do not eat.

2.Handle with care, details refer to MSDS... In addition, please follow safety regulation of country or local government.

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