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101 Methyl Silicone Gum

    101 Methyl Silicone Gum

    1. Technical indexes:


    2. Applications :

    This product is a kind of high-mole-mass linear polydimethylsiloxane, applicable to production of the products such as the base rubber of silicone masterbatch and the colloidal vulcanizator, and can be used together with methyl vinyl gum to make high-tear-strength silicone rubber, low-hardness silicone rubber and sponge silicone rubber.

    3. Packing :25kg per carton box

    4. Storage:

    ●  No exposure to fire or direct sunlight; stored in ventilated and dry place

    ● Temperature in warehouse remains below 40  . ℃

    ●  Shelf life: 2 years (products can still be used if QA-passed after two years.)

    5. Transport:

    ●  No exposure to rain or sunlight ;no contact with air;away from fire and heat source.

    ●  Avoid contacting with strong acid, strong alkali, metallic lead and its compounds.The products don't belong to dangerous goods, they can be transported as normal chemicals. But be careful of Leakage.

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