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Silicone Building Sealants impermeability waterproofing agent IOTA 2900B

    Silicone Building Sealants impermeability waterproofing agent IOTA 2900B

    Physical and chemical data reference value

    Appearance                  Transparent liquid
    Density 20 ℃, g / cm3     0.95±0.1
    pH value                          6.5±1
    Effective Content%         >20

    Structure or component: 
    Alkyl silicone hydroalcoholic dispersion

    Properties and Uses:
    This product is a new building waterproof silicone anti-erosion material. Stable aqueous alcoholic with alkyl siloxane under special conditions forming the dispersion, has a unique structure and performance, can have chemical combination with silicate materials in solid durability, so that the building structure can form a new surface, It can maintain normal air permeability, and can resist rain erosion, multi-effects of highly water-repellent, wind resistance,moisture, frost, moss, pollution and so on. 
    This product is suitable for building decoration overcoat, such as colored cement Coating elastic surface,chopped fake stone, bracing take hair spray gray decorative and dry stick stone,  imitation brick, water brush stone, , sticky knot mortar waterproof overcoat ,mosaics glazed and non-glazed and decorative coatings overcoat. It can also be used for waterproofing concrete, gypsum stone and so on. Sculpture, relics of ancient buildings Pollution monument and anti-erosion protection overlay.

    Packing and Storage:

    This product is belongs to dangerous goods transport and storage. 
    The product packaging specification is a 50Kg plastic drum or according to user requirements.
    Cool, dry and sealed. The shelf life is six months.

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