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Methyl High Hydrogen silicone oil IOTA202

    Methyl High Hydrogen silicone oil

    Chemical Name: 

    IOTA 202 High Hydrogen silicone oil

    Product description:
    Because molecules containing active bonds Si - H, therefore, it can join in a variety of chemical reaction and has good film-forming performance; 
    It can reacted with the HO or R-OH bonds in the alkali or lewis acid, and release H2. 
    It is easy to react with alkene compounds in the platinum and chromium compounds ; 
    When the temperature above 50 ℃, it can react with the compounds containing epoxy groups;
    its waterproof and moistureproof and anti-sticking performance is much better than dimethyl silicone oil;
    Under the effect of metal salt catalysts, it will form hydrophobic membrane in a variety of material surface under low temperature crosslinking.

    Technical index:

    Hydrogen content, %≥             1.55

    Viscosity(25℃, mm2/s)            15.0040.00
    Density( 25℃, g/cm3)              0.9951.015

    Refractive index( ℃)                1.3901.410

    Volatile matter( %≤)                 1.004.00

        Structural formula: 

    Properties and Uses: 

    1. Under the function of metal salt catalysts, it can form film at low temperature, form waterproof membrane on all kinds of material surface, thus it can be used as the waterproofing agent of various kinds of materials such as rubber, fabric, glass, ceramic, paper, leather, metal, cement, marble, etc.

    2. Used in silicone rubber processing and other high-end products;

    3. Used for general textile auxiliary/powder processing;

    4. Widely used for the synthesis processing of building materials (ceramic antifouling agent) .

    5. Methyl Hydrogen silicone oil emulsion can work with methyl hydroxy silicone oil emulsion, offer waterproof function and can keep the permeability of fabrics, and can improve the tear strength, friction strength and soil resistance, improve the touch and sewing performance.

    6. It can be used as anti-stick isolation agent and crosslinking agent of paper

    Package, storage and transportation: 

    1. 200L Plastic coated metal pail or plastic drum (Net W.T. 200KG/drum).1. 200L Plastic coated metal pail or plastic drum (Net W.T. 200KG/drum).
    2. Keep in cool and well ventilated place. Far away from fire, heat source. Storage temperature<30℃, sealed tightly, no mix with anti-oxidant, acid and edible chemical materials.
    3. The lighting, ventilation facilities in the storage room should adopt explosion-proof products.
    4. Load gently, Prevent packaging and container from damage,
    5. Non- Hazardous chemicals

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