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IOTA7202 two-component solar cell module special sealant

    IOTA7202 two-component solar cell module special sealant

    product manual:

    The IOTA7202 two-component solar cell module sealant is a two-component, neutral-cured, high-performance silicone sealant designed specifically for assembly on the solar cell factory's production line. The cured elastomer has excellent yellowing resistance, electrical insulation, water resistance, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance and aging resistance, and can completely protect the silicon wafer from contamination and oxidation.

    Main characteristics

    1.Excellent electrical insulation and flame retardancy;

    2. Excellent adhesion to most materials, such as aluminum alloy, ultra-white glass, backing material TPT/TPE, etc.;
    3. Short maintenance cycle and mechanized sizing are beneficial to the product delivery cycle.
    4. There is no batch number matching limit for component A/base mixture and component B/curing agent;
    5. Neutral curing, non-corrosive to the material to be bonded;

    6. Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance to ensure that PV modules can work continuously from -50 °C to +150 °C;

    7. Excellent weatherability, ozone and chemical resistance;

    Technical Parameters:



    Technical indicators



    Fine, even paste


    Dry time,min



    Applicable periodmin



    Hardness (Shore A)



    Tensile strength, MPa






    Volume resistance,Ω.cm



    Dielectric strength,KV/mm



    Flammability rating


    The A component/base mixture and the B component/curing agent are mixed at a volume ratio of 10:1.


    1. Bonding and sealing of aluminum frame of solar photovoltaic module;

    2. Bonding and sealing of junction box and TPT/TPE back film.

    3. Bonding and sealing of aluminum, glass and other materials.

    Color and packaging:

    IOTA7202 two-component solar cell module special sealant A component / base mixture is a white paste, packaged in 190 liters of standard iron drum; B component / curing agent is a light paste or liquid, using 19 liters standard Packed in iron or plastic drums.

    Storage and expiration date:

     Non-dangerous goods, please store in a cool dry place below 27 °C, the product is valid for 12 months.

    1. For best results, it is recommended that the IOTA7202 two-component solar cell module special sealant should be mixed with the A component/base mixture and the B component/curing agent in a closed mixing system. IOTA7202 is suitable for use on standard two-component silicone glue mixing machines on the market. It is not recommended to mix by hand or by hand mixer, because mixing under air will change its original characteristics and will not achieve satisfactory results.


    2. The volume ratio of the sealant base mixture to the curing agent for the IOTA7202 two-component solar cell module is 10:1. However, if the temperature and humidity of the air increase or decrease, it will affect the time required for the breaking test and the time required to form the bond.

    3. According to the requirements, the special sealant of IOTA7202 two-component solar cell module is continuously and evenly squeezed into the interface. When the surface of the sealant has not been skinned, the aluminum frame is assembled.

    4. Remove all impurities and contaminants such as grease, dust, moisture, surface dirt, protective coating, etc. left in the interface and assembly recess. Glass and metal must be cleaned by solvent according to two cloth cleaning methods. The selected solvent is isopropanol or methyl ethyl ketone solvent.


    5. Before shutting down, please only use the basic mixture to fill the mixer and the conveying pipe, and rinse with the basic mixture. This will prevent the sealant from solidifying inside and causing blockage.


    6. It is recommended to carry out curing in a higher temperature environment to facilitate the deep curing of the sealant.

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