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IOTA898 neutral transparent structural sealant

    IOTA898 neutral transparent structural sealant

    Product Description:

    IOTA898 Neutral Transparent Structural Sealant is a one-component, medium-high modulus, neutral room temperature curing silicone elastomeric sealant specially designed for structural structural assembly of glass in building curtain walls. The elastic durable rubber body is formed by reacting with moisture in the air.


    The following data is for reference only and is not recommended for use in developing specifications:



    Technical indicators



    Fine, uniform paste







    Horizontal placement

    Not deformed





    Dry time, min (temperature 25 C, relative humidity 50%).






    Tensile bonding properties

    Tensile bond strength MPa

    Standard condition






    After immersion


    Water - after UV light


    Bond failure area%


    The product is cured for 21 days at a humidity of 50±5% and a temperature of 23±2°C.

    Main features:
     1. For most building materials such as coated glass, float glass, and anodized aluminum, there is no need to use a primer.

     2. Excellent weather resistance and aging performance.

     3. Neutral curing, non-corrosive.

     4. Single component, easy to extrude, convenient construction.

     5. The elastomer formed after curing can adapt to the displacement capacity of the bearing interface ±25%.

    Basic use: 
    1. Lighting zenith, hanging glass system
    2. Laminated slab glass and point coated glass curtain wall

    3. Other glass assembly projects, such as aquariums, display cabinets, window glass, etc.


    Use restrictions:

      1. All materials that will seep out grease, plasticizers or solvents, such as oil-impregnated wood, oil-bottomed steel seams and some Unvulcanized or partially vulcanized rubber linings and tapes, etc.

      2. Close and non-ventilated places (silicone glue needs to rely on moisture in the atmosphere to solidify);

      3. Frosting the wet surface;

      4. Continuous immersion in the environment;

      5. The place where the ground is wet all year round;

      6. The surface to be painted is required because the paint will crack or peel off;

      7. Places subject to wear or physical damage;

      8. will directly touch the surface of the food


    Color and packaging:

    Transparent, using 300ML plastic hose


    Storage and expiration date:

    Non-dangerous goods, please store in a cool dry place below 27 °C, valid for 12 months.


    Construction method:

    1. Remove all impurities and contaminants such as grease, dust, moisture, surface dirt, old sealant, assembly accessories and protective coating left at the interface and assembly recess. Glass and metal must be cleaned by solvent according to two cloth cleaning methods. The selected solvent is xylene or methyl ethyl ketone solvent.


    2. Install gasket material or interface filler, pad spacer and tape as required. The LZ898 neutral transparent structural adhesive is continuously squeezed into and filled with the interface. When the sealing surface has not been skinned, the sealant is flattened to the gasket material and the interface surface with an appropriate force. The finishing process must be done after the sealant is applied and before the surface of the glue has not been skinned. It is recommended to use a convex tool to hold the rubber surface into a concave shape. Do not use soap and water as an auxiliary material for dressing. Immediately after trimming, tear off the cover tape. In the case of outdoor temperatures as low as -25 ° C, the building silicone sealant can still be extruded on a clean dry and frost-free surface, uncured sealant is absolutely not allowed and non-abrasive surface, such as polishing Marble, metal or glass contact, because these excess sealants cannot be completely removed with organic or chlorinated solvents, so these surfaces must be covered or extra care must be taken before applying the sealant to prevent sealants from these surfaces. Contact, once the uncured sealant contacts these surfaces, it will leave a film on the surface that will affect the aesthetically pleasing surface of the substrate, if not noticed, the uncured sealant and When the surface of the interface is in contact with the surface, it must be removed with toluene, xylene or methyl ethyl ketone solvent before the sealant has been cured. When using the flammable solvent, special precautions should be observed.

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