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  • Main use of condensation type liquid silicone rubber

    Main use of condensation type liquid silicone rubber

    Condensed room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, including RTV-1 glue and RTV-2 glue, is the fastest growing class of silicone products in the market. They are mainly used in electronic appliances, automobile transportation, civil engineering, office and aircraft. Adhesives such as ships, sealants and coatings. Such as printed circuit board coating, feedback transformer wire end seal, bonding and fixing of electronic and electrical parts, refrigerated truck and cold storage perimeter and door and window sealing, gas meter sealing, sealed heater end treatment, various types Bonding of cabinets, bonding and sealing of high pressure tube and neck tube, sealing of kitchen, bathroom, inner tile, bathtub, washbasin and wall seam, waterproof sealing of cable through hole and household adhesive.

    Condensed liquid silicone rubber In the electronic and electrical industry, the RTV adhesive used in the electronics industry requires high purity and good electrical properties in addition to the wide temperature range. It is non-corrosive to components (no acid, chloride ions and Salt, etc.; low stress, small expansion or contraction, moisture and water resistance, flame retardant, durable and no harmful gases.

    Condensed Liquid Silicone Rubber In the construction industry, RTV adhesives are mainly used in joint sealing of buildings, glass bonding and sealing, seam sealing of highway and airport runways, lightweight composite roofing materials and cable channel flame retardant.
    Condensation-type liquid silicone rubber In terms of medical and health, RTV silicone rubber has excellent comprehensive properties, especially non-toxic, odorless, physiologically inert, stable to fungicides and can be vulcanized at room temperature, and is a medically successful application. The key is to use a non-toxic cross-linking system, additives and base polymers and fillers.

    Condensed liquid silicone rubber In the automotive, marine and aerospace industries, RTV adhesive is mainly used in the automotive and transportation industry as a car-in-place forming gasket, window seal, electronic and electrical connector anti-corona discharge around the car body, headlights and Bonding sealant for taillights.


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